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Wynn 4 months Lifestyle/ Oxford, MS/ Fine Art Photographer

I absolutely love getting to capture a baby in their space. Lifestyle sessions weather they are newborn or milestone sessions are so special. This little love is the youngest of three boys. This momma has such a full heart from all the bot momma love. I mean can you imagine how much fun these 3 boys are going to have growing up. I can see lots of mud, bugs, sports, and fun in her future.

I think its safe to say that a baby boy in a bonnet is just something all mommas should have in their closet for them. It mean it's the most precious thing and keeps them looking like that baby they are. I wish I would have done this longer with my boys!

My best advise to all mommas is enjoy the baby stage and cherish it, it goes by in a blink. Let them be little and be your baby. You can't hold that baby to much.



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