Minimal Newborn Studio Photographer/ Fine art Photographer/ Counce, Tn /Savannah, TN

I started out doing newborn photography with lots of colors, props, and un natural poses. I quickly learned that this isn't my style. I preferred more natural, classic, and timeless colors, poses and props. I began shifting my newborn photography to a more minimalist approach. I feel like this gives you timeless art for your walls. Trends come and go but the classic, traditional, colors and poses will always be in style.

So what exactly does a newborn session in the studio look like now? It is still baby centered course! The baby will still be posed but in natural poses (ex: laying on belly, laying on back, wrapped, laying in Moses basket, wearing sweet simple outfits). Of course pictures with parents and sibling(s) that include natural poses and interactions.

I absolutely love this approach to newborn photography. This keeps the images with all the focus on your beautiful baby. The beautiful little lips, button noes, little hands, little toes, hair, and some cute little rolls. There are no distractions, just you and your beautiful little one.

Here are some examples of what a session would look like. Please note these are only a handful of the images from this session.

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