Graham One Year Studio Session/Fine Art Photographer/ Savannah,TN/ Counce, TN

I remember how giddy I was to plan my kids 1st birthday parties. This is a celebration for them but kinda for the parents as well... YOU SURVIVED THE FIRST YEAR!! I loved getting to plan every little detail. Most of the time the child has a favorite song, they are clapping, trying to dance, and full of personality. My boys one year portraits are still some of my favorite photos. I love the gapped teeth, big grins, adorable laughs, precious loveys, little rolls, fat fingers and toes, and even the little fits.

One year portraits in the studio are timeless and simple. Its all white so we can have the main focus be your babe. KWP has a few simple toys to keep them entertained. I love playing music and singing with them. I want all mommas to be able to remember and freeze this age in time!

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