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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions | Oxford, Mississippi Photographer

Who else constantly stresses about their house?! I mean if you have kids it is about near impossible to have a clean you clean, they destroy. I know I am not alone in this. Thank the Lord for the playroom where I can just shut the door when needed. If you can't see it, its fine (at least thats what I tell myself).

After having a baby the last thing you want to stress about is a clean house. The great thing about a lifestyle session is if something is in the way were can hide it. Throw that pile of clean burp clothes and clothes in the closet and shut the door. Easy and no one will know. You also aren't going to see if your floors haven't been moped or if the houses hasn't been dusted. I am there to focus on the baby and your family.

I like to make all sessions as stress free as possible weather you choose a studio session or in home session. The in home lifestyle session is a more natural/ organic session. We are in your space capturing you together. The baby in his/her nursery, mom rocking baby, mom and dad in the nursery together, etc. These sessions are so special and allow you to always remember those first few days home.

Here is one of my favorite lifestyle newborn sessions. I mean how gorgeous are these and they have them all in an heirloom album for them to forever be able to flip through over the years. How special will it be for this little one to turn the pages of her own little book. Heirloom albums are such a great way to have all your images displayed over the years.

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