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I sit here trying to put into words of exactly what motherhood means, what exactly it is like. Motherhood is hard but motherhood is worth every hard second, minute, and day. Growing up, I thought being a mommy was all butterflies and rainbows, I couldn't wait to be one. Being a mom is filled with beautiful moments but also hard not fun moments. It's okay that being a mom is messy. It looks different for us all, some mommas work, some mommas stay home, some mommas have help, others do it solo, some mommas travel, some mommas are fighting for our freedom, some mommas seem to have it all together, others are all over the place, some mommas yell, while others are soft spoken, some mommas are crafty, some mommas are fun, some mommas are good teachers, some mommas are more loving, others are silly, some mommas suffer from depression, some mommas only have babies in heaven, some mommas have anxiety, this list goes on and on. We all mother differently but the one thing we have in common is LOVE. We all love our children so deeply. I hope that through my photography that for years and years to come, I can capture the true love between you and your children The LOVE that is the common denominator of MOTHERHOOD. It's so easy when you get to have fun during your sessions and just play. You get those true beautiful smiles that show so much emotion.

Check out this mommy and me session that was exactly everything you dream about for a session.

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