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Newborn Sessions| Oxford, Mississippi Photographer

I love newborn photography so much. I remember so vividly those early of days of having a new baby. I always ask that the baby come fed and ready to sleep. It's so great when parents can come in and get a little break. I have even had some dads sleep on the couch during the session, I was so happy they got to catch up on some rest. These sessions last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours just depending on baby and if they need to eat again. I have everything set up and ready to go when you arrive, that way you can relax. There are lots of precious and beautiful newborn poses, the most important thing is NEWBORN SAFETY. I make sure baby is always safe and am always listening to their body language, some babies just don't like certain positions. But, I promise we will create some beautiful images of that new little bundle of joy.

This is Grae, he came into the studio with his parents and grandmother who were so worried he wouldn't sleep. Well, he was a sleeping champ and we had a blast. He loved my warm studio and baby shusher. Here are some images from our session in the studio

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