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Maternity Session| Oxford, Mississippi Photographer

I love meeting new families and creating some beautiful images together. I think maternity sessions are becoming some of my favorite. As a photographer you dream of that perfect golden light... this was one of those sessions!! IT WAS DREAMY!!! I mean that golden hour light doesn't last long but dang does it take an image from good to WOW!!! I am obsessed with these images at the end.. make sure you scroll to the bottom to see them. I think pregnancy is the most miraculous things God create so it needs to be documented! I mean it is serious incredible and every women needs images to remember what her body did.

This session we started at Rowan Oak in Oxford, Mississippi and ended at the Memory house on Ole Miss campus. This was one of those spring days in the South where the day before it was warm and of course it had turned freezing cold. WELCOME TO THE SOUTH, where the weather is unpredictable. This family was just so sweet and fought through the cold. I mean their two year old was such a trooper and so was mom.. do you see the dresses she is wearing. I was freezing for her.

All dresses in these images were provided by Kayla Walley Photography.

Check out this session below!



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