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Newborn - Lifestyle

Before your Session

 Once your baby is born, contact me to let me know when baby has arrived! When you have a moment, just shoot me a quick email or message. I’ll send you some available dates I have, and we can schedule your exact session date. I love photographing newborns and infants at all stages, so we can set up a date YOU feel most comfortable with. Anytime between 5 days to several months works wonderfully! There are benefits to waiting until your baby is a few weeks old such as: full feedings and more settled tummies. Moms have more time to heal and generally feel much better, and siblings have time to adjust to their new role. I photograph infants several days/ weeks old, and even months old, so if you prefer to wait a bit, that is totally ok! Or if you want to get in soon after your baby arrives, we can do that too! It’s all up to you, and what YOU feel best doing. Just contact me when your baby arrives and we will figure out what date works best for you.

After booking you will receive a prep guide to help make your session go smoothly

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